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Effectie documentation versions

Current version (Stable)

Here you can find the documentation for current released version.

2.0.0-beta12DocumentationRelease Notes

Past versions (Not maintained anymore)

Here you can find documentation for previous versions of Effectie.

2.0.0-beta11 Release Notes
2.0.0-beta10 Release Notes
2.0.0-beta9 Release Notes
2.0.0-beta8 Release Notes
2.0.0-beta7 Release Notes
2.0.0-beta6 Release Notes
2.0.0-beta5 Release Notes
2.0.0-beta4 Release Notes
2.0.0-beta3 Release Notes
2.0.0-beta2 Release Notes
2.0.0-beta1 Release Notes
1.20.0 Release Notes
1.19.0 Release Notes
1.18.0 Release Notes
1.17.0 Release Notes
1.16.0 Release Notes
1.15.0 Release Notes
1.14.0 Release Notes
1.13.0 Release Notes
1.12.0 Release Notes
1.11.0 Release Notes
1.10.0 Release Notes
1.9.0 Release Notes
1.8.0 Release Notes
1.7.0 Release Notes
1.6.0 Release Notes
1.5.0 Release Notes
1.4.0 Release Notes
1.3.1 Release Notes
1.3.0 Release Notes
1.2.0 Release Notes
1.1.0 Release Notes
1.0.0 Release Notes
0.4.0 Release Notes
0.3.1 Release Notes
0.3.0 Release Notes
0.2.0 Release Notes
0.1.0 Release Notes